Sunday, August 23, 2009

Becky has a question...

and since it's tucked waaaaay back many posts ago, I thought I would ask it again, in case you may have missed it. She wants to know how to connect w someone's email from the subscriber's list on the right hand side of the blog. (Is that right, Becky?) Here's what I other blogs, if I click on the name, that takes me to their profile page & I can access their email from that. It looks to me that this function in the a4A blog isn't available. It could be that we have to go through Elizabeth or Theresa to get someone's email. Anyone have a different take on this?

If you want to try a rectagular Stegs blanket for any future campaign when a slightly bigger blanket is needed, I found this website: (I'm trying Ann's instructions...did it work? Hope so!)

And last, but certainly not least, in today's New York Times (8/23) in the magazine section (which is devoted to empowering women) there is an article about the girls in Afghanistan who were targeted by the Taliban to be sprayed with acid for going to school. I probably wouldn't spend the $6 on the paper just to read this, but if your library carries it, you may want to read more.

Does anyone care that I was almost attacked by a hummingbird last night? I was sitting outside on the swing knitting a red scarf....hummers are attracted by the color red. Next thing I know, this hummer comes straight at me. I did the only thing possible, screamed (just a little scream) and threw the scarf in front of my face. It probably came w/in 12 feet of me, but they have long beaks & I didn't want stabbed!

And with that lovely vision planted in your mind, I'll end now.


Judy said...

The Morehouse free pattern in Cathy's link will work fine for a baby blanket - just start the no increase rows when the two shorter sides of your triangle each measure the desired final width of your blanket and knit the number of no increase rows needed. You can figure out how many inches you need by doubling the length of one of the shorter sides about and subtracting that from the length you want for the final blanket. Works fine.

sfmammamia said...

It is up to the individual whether their Blogger profile displays an email address. If you want your email address linked to your profile, you can get to your profile page by clicking your name in the list in the right column. Once on your profile page, you should see a button in the left column, "EDIT PROFILE". There's an option there to display email. I have set my profile to display my email address. Note that this profile is generally available throughout Blogger, so if you are active on several blogs, the only way to have distinctive profiles for separate blogs would be to create a separate account. I don't think Elizabeth, Ann and I should be in the business of giving out people's email addresses routinely.
~Teresa (without the "h")

Becky said...

Thank you, Cathy in Pittsburgh, for noticing my question and calling it to people's attention. Also, I'm going to look at that Morehouse pattern since it's not too late to change to a rectangle if I can get my mind around it. It seems to me that a 30x40-inch blanket would take less yarn and time than a 40x40-inch blanket.

Thank you, Teresa, for your instructions about making one's email address available. Can an email for someone on the blog be sent to you to forward to the intended recipient? That way the email addresses would still be private, but if both parties want to correspond, they could.


Reed said...

Hi Cathy,

Heidi would honor requests from 2 parties to share their email with each other. Keeps it private.

I'm a wildlife biologist that works with birds. I don't think you have to worry about getting hit by a hummingbird. I work in shorebird nesting areas and though they often "attack" by screaming and swooping at me they never run into me. (Which is good because the bigger ones weigh a couple of pounds.) I think they don't hit me because even a 2 pound bird hitting a 180 pound man would be death to the bird.

Reed said...

I just read the NY Times Magazine article. Powerful. Educating women is a great step, but the men obviously need educating too..about the rights of women.

sfmammamia said...

In response to the question about email addresses, sure. If you want to contact someone on this blog but they don't display their email address, I suggest you email me off-blog with the request that you would like to me to forward.

Cathy said...

Gee, Reed...where were you Sat night when I was certain that hummingbird had it in for me? I'm positive I saw mischief & mayhem in it's eye...before I ducked behind the shawl!

Reed said...

Well....if you are shaped like a Hummingbird..then it may have been a threat. They are devastatingly agressive toward their own kind.

I'm glad you survived.

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