Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hi -- My name is Judy and I live in Washington State. I have been knitting since I was in grade school, which for me is a very long time ago. Besides knitting for a4A, I knit for my grandkids, for some organization's fundraising auctions and for my husband. (I am warm and he is cold, so I knit wool things so he won't turn up the heat and make my upstairs office tooo hot.

I also do public policy stuff for AAUW and am basically recycled to a full time volunteer like I was before having my own small business for a lot of years.

This week I am celebrating because my town finally has a local yarn shop - with a friendly Tuesday night knitting group and a nice selection of yarn and patterns. The bonus is one of the three sisters who runs the place makes great cloth dolls. (Dolls are my second addiction.) I am hoping she will have a doll making class one of these days.


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