Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hi everyone

Hi everyone!

I'm Maggie, living in Maine in the US. I've been knitting sweaters and socks and hats for a4A for a long time now (amazing to think how long) but I've just finished my first blanket, so I'm excited about the new campaign.

I learned how to knit a blanket out of mitred squares, so I can avoid the dreaded sewing-together part of the program, and now I'm completely hooked!

I think we've only had five or six days this summer where it was too warm to have a wool blanket on my lap, but that works out for the babies who get more blankets, right?

A4A is one of my favorite things in the world because it's so direct. Any bad day can be completely turned around simply by picking up my socks or blanket in progress, because I know it will go straight to someone who desperately needs it. A4A is excellent therapy, as if we needed any other reason to do it besides helping the kids!


GenKnit said...
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Jean said...

Hi Maggie - I know what you mean about the weather here in Maine this summer. Geesh!!!

Jean in Maine

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