Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yarn Weight Question For Baby Blanket Campaign

I'm working on a blanket, hopefully for the current campaign. It's my first blanket, so I'm hoping that I'll knit it to the right size. I have a question about the yarn I'm using, and whether it will be warm enough for your needs. The yarn is designed to be knit up on US #3 needles with a gauge of 25 stitches & 33 rows over 4" square.

I'm knitting the blanket with #8 US needles in order to create a soft floppy blanket. Here's the wool specs:

JO SHARRP Alpaca Silk Geprgette = 40% alpaca, 40% merino, 20% silk - hand washable.

Can you tell me if this would meet your needs if I succeed in finishing the blanket? Will my blanket be warm enough?



GenKnit said...
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ritikitib said...

Dear Sue,

Thanks very much for your supportive response. I'll finish the blanket and hope for the best. If it does end up too lacy, I know that it will go to some other charity, and I'm fine with that. Do you know if I'd get feedback on that front so I do it right the next time?


Cathy said...

Hi Cathy...it's Cathy. Is that a picture of your afghan? If so, I think it looks fine. I agree w Sue that going from #3 to #8 is quite a jumpt, this doesn't look too lacy to me. And it will certainly knit up faster than on #3!!

As for a response from 'the basement' - when I sent socks that were 100% cotten (I got so excited about some great yarn on sale, the rest of my brain shut down) Ann emailed fairly quickly about my mistake. They then sent my socks to a local charity.


ritikitib said...

Dear PghC,

Thanks for your note. The picture is indeed my blanket. Thanks for telling me about your cotton socks. That was also very helpful.

I think I'll also use my nickname on these posts rather than "Cathy", I'll sign off with Ritikitib.

Many thanks again, Ritikitib

GenKnit said...
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ritikitib said...

Sure, will do. Thanks for the vote of confidence!


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