Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Did you pick up on this?

There's 2 Cathys posting. I saw Cathy had posted a question about green yarn...would it be warm enough? will it be OK for a baby afghan? I admit, I did a double take. Last time I looked, I was knitting with red yarn & I really don't think I sleep-knit.

So from now on, I'll sign my posts PghC for Pittsburgh Cathy. That should help eliminate any confusion. Although I know it will still give me a start to see my name there when I know I haven't posted anything. On the last blog someone used the initials CCK....same as mine & I always questioned myself...what did you write??

It's good to see the blog come alive again. I'm always inspired by what everyone makes. And it's fun to see that we're scattered all over the US...and a few other places.



GenKnit said...
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Jean said...

Yeah, I had the same problem with my name. I used to just sign "Jean" but then there were more "Jeans" that joined so I had to start signing my name "Jean in Maine" (which is my Ravelry ID). It was pretty confusing at first. :-)

Jean in Maine

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