Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ann, Here It Is!

Ok, Ann, I promised to be in my photo once I got my blanket finished and here it is!

Thanks again for all the help figuring out this 'X' cable stitch. I wouldn't have the courage to try these harder patterns if I didn't know Sue, Pearl, Cti, and others were out there waiting to help when I get stuck! It made for a nice thick blanket though it did use a lot of yarn. (Over 10 skeins of Lion Brand Wool.) My hubby took the photo for me and did the closeup inset of the border, (don't ask me how; I'm not the computer whiz he is!) I really wanted to do more than one color on the border as Cti suggested, but I didn't have a color that would work at home since I was working on this pretty late most nights.
This will go out in the mail this week.
Shirley (off to rest my wrist)


cti said...

it looks great, good job!

GenKnit said...
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Pearl said...
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Reed said...

The detail photo really brings out the beauty of your work.


Afghan Ann said...

And, the blanket brings out the beauty in the crocheter! You are such a good sport, Shirley. When I see your name, I see a blue crocheted cardigan. That might take me awhile to shake. Nice to meet you! Hope others come out from behind the camera, too, or should I say get behind the afghan ...

Thanks, Ann

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