Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blue mohair blanket, all done!

Blue Cloud Baby Blanket

I posted about this blanket a while ago; it was set aside so I could focus on the Youth campaign which had a shorter deadline, and I finally finished it about 2 weeks ago. I knitted it in the round, with one strand mohair held together with one strand of fingering-weight wool. The mohair was always the same -- Laines du Nord Kiddy Print in variegated blue, and the thin wools varied from light blue to navy blue to periwinkle. I used up quite a few half-skeins of blue wool this way. The wools also softened the mohair and made it more suitable to babies.

Once the knitting was finished, I steeked the blanket and knitted facings to cover the raw edges. I know the word "steeking" strikes fear in many knitters' hearts, so I described the operation in detail on my blog here to reassure any doubter that this is a fast and enjoyable way to knit a blanket!


GenKnit said...
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Reed said...

Hi Laura,

I remember you posting the sample. Thanks for showing us the final, beautiful blanket.

Thank you too for the blog entry.


Shirley said...

Beautiful color! I don't knit so steeking is not a scary word for me. I just love the finished product!

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