Sunday, November 22, 2009

Done and on its way

Here at last is my corner-to-corner garter stitch blanket. It started out to be a "Stegs" but I decided that finished and in use was better than eventually having a pointy knitted edge. Instead, it has a border of two rounds of half double crochet. Thanks to Bloo for her instructions (back in August) for making a corner-to-corner rectangle instead of a square.

Many of you will recognize the variegated Wool of the Andes a number of us got last year on a terrific deal. I used it double, with size 13 needles, and the colors worked out very nicely. Even better in real life than in the photo. The yarn for the edge was also a sale find mentioned on the blog. Thanks to those who've informed us of sales in the past so I could produce this and so many other items I've made for a4A.

May we all have a wonderful Thanksgiving remembering all we have to be grateful for.



Pearl said...
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Kathy F said...

I love those colors. Nice job.

cti said...

I recognize that yarn! great job, looks beautiful.

Reed said...

That's the best I've seen this color way work in a piece. (I certainly haven't had much luck with it.)

Thanks Becky

esjay said...

I bought that yarn too, and made what I called a Bill Cosby sweater! I still have at least a skein. Weird the way it knits up, but I have enjoyed working with it anyway.

Nice job, Becky!

Shirley said...

It is beautiful!!
I remember buying that yarn during that clearance too! I made a sweater with it for a4A. Or maybe it was two sweaters; I'm getting forgetful in my old age. And those sale heads up have really helped my budget too!

Shirley said...

Which yarn sale? Where? I need to restock!

GenKnit said...
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Becky said...

Thank you for so many positive comments.

I'll confess that seeing some of the funny ways the colors in this yarn pooled in other projects inspired me try to figure out how to minimize that phenomenon. My socks turned out well, but my crocheted mittens not so much. Working with the yarn doubled with the colors offset from each other seems to have done the trick as much as it could be! There must be a mathematical solution to this, but that is way beyond me. I still have a few skeins I'll probably try doubled for knitted mittens.

Pearl mentioned the sale ads at the bottom of the blog--if you scroll all the way to the bottom you'll see some little clickable ads. The only problem is, they change all the time. They may not have anything to do with yarn or fiber, or they might.

At any rate, happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


Bloo said...

That looks lovely, Becky! Well done. I think that garter stitch is super in blankets because it is so thick and squishy. Takes a bit longer but it's worth it! (and no purling!)

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