Monday, November 23, 2009

Ann, this is for you!

Ann has been wheedling, cajoling, suggesting, hoping. . . that we will post pictures of ourselves along with our knitted and crocheted contributions. Now, no one hates being photographed more than I do, but I decided to bite the bullet and do this for her. My daughter tends to get better pictures of me than most people, so I enlisted her help. So here I am (last time Ann saw me, 7 years or so ago, my hair was still brown and very curly -- this is what 7 years will do).

The weather forecast was damp, which has been the case for the last several months, so I rushed the blanket to its photo shoot pre-blocking, on what was expected to be the one good day. It looks OK here, but it looks really good now that it's been washed and everything is nicely evened out and flattened. I made 12 10-inch mitered squares, starting with two blue sides and working down to the bright little squares. It required 4 and most of a 5th skein of blue Peace Fleece, with odds and ends, also of Peace Fleece, for the other colors.

Things never come out quite the way they looked in my head, but I'm pretty pleased with this one. If I were to use this design again, I think I'd add blue on the two edges where the small bright squares come abruptly to the edge, but this one is on its way to keep some little person warm!



cti said...

How nice to meet you! beautiful blanket, too!

Cathy said...

This is very different & very nice. Already my brain is buzzing with thoughts of 1 for the next campaign. Never mind that before I saw your blanket, my plan consisted of 2 sweaters that I already have yarn for!!

In the mean time, while we wait for the specifics, I'm going to try my hand at mitered squares....I know there's a pattern somewhere in my pattern folder!

Bloo said...

I just love this blanket, Elizabeth - it looks like modern art! There is something very serene about it - yet it is vibrant too. Gorgeous.

Shirley said...

Oh my,- I love it!!
Makes me want to try to learn to knit again!
(My only knitting lesson did not go well; I'm too left handed).
I clicked on the photo to see the enlarged detail. It's just beautiful!

Laura said...

Ann had the right idea; it is great to see the face behind all the great handknits and patterns, if only through my computer screen (for now).
By the way, if you are the person who most hates to see photos of herself, I come in second.

GenKnit said...
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Reed said...

Shy about being photographed? Why, with such a great smile?

Great blanket too. I like the design.

Afghan Ann said...

I love how the contrasting squares go to the edge. I think it creates movement. Feels very Mondrian, don't you think? Thanks for taking the plunge. Anyone else going to join Shirley and Elizabeth in the pool? Which reminds me ... one of our favorite photos over the years was of a very tan woman with bare shoulders and bare feet and legs holding her blanket. I am sure she was wearing a bathing suit, but you could not tell that from the photo.

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