Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here's my latest contribution, the first for Kids Drive II.

It's from the pattern "child's vest" at I liked the pattern a lot as it's a quick no-finish, no pick-up-stitches design. I made the largest size, and modified to be twelve inches below the armholes (to keep an Afghani child's tummy warm) and kept the shoulder width at 16 rather than 12 stitches, again for warmth.

Elizabeth will recognize some of this yarn as the last of the wonderful stash she shared.


Nandini said...

I really like the simplified yet functional/attractive v-neck construction. I am completely useless with the traditional V-neck method, but this sounds encouraging :-)

Kathy said...

It was very easy, and what I liked was that the neckline binding didn't have the issue of tightness I sometimes get in bottom-up construction.

Bloo said...

Lovely, and thanks for pointing us to the pattern! I might give this one a try once I'm done the vest I'm currently working on.

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