Sunday, March 28, 2010

A tweedy vest

tweedy vest

For this drive I found myself in the mood for a vest. Inspired by a great class on color that I took from Laura Bryant during Stitches West last month, I decided to figure out a way to tame a very busy variegated wool which I could never turn into anything remotely attractive before. I found the perfect slip-stitch pattern, "Woven Tweed", in Barbara Walker's Second Treasury. The "tweed" part of the name inspired me to go with a very classic vest color and look for the trim. Another bonus of slip-stitch patterns is that they are doubly warm since their structure is denser than stockinette. This was so much fun to knit, I am now looking at all the variegated yarns languishing in my stash with renewed interest! Onwards to the next a4A project -- sweater or vest, I haven't decided yet.

Correction: I credited the wrong Treasury by Barbara Walker, and now I can't put my hands on Volume one which must be where I found this stitch pattern. It is also known in other knitting reference books as the half linen stitch. My apologies for the confusion!


Annette said...

Beautiful vest! Love the color combo!

Kathy said...

This is lovely! What a great idea to use slip stitch.

Maureen said...

I love this effect! Really raises some possibilities for my stash of oddballs and rejects. Should make a really warm fabric as you say.

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