Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Youth Campaign, part 2

In case you're not signed up for announcements direct from A4A,* Ann has just announced that they've been able to add another youth campaign, starting now, with a due date of early May (I'm telling myself May 1, so I get things done). I love this second chance! I have the back of a vest finished, and a sweater that only needs sleeves. The trick is to start right in on those, rather than letting them drift again. Target audience and items needed are the same as last time: boys and girls aged 7-14, with sweaters, vests, socks, and mittens the items that are most needed.

If you're knitting sweaters and vests, remember: (1) Afghan kids tend to be tall and slim, so you'll want to make things longer; and (2) especially for girls, there are stringent requirements for modesty. Sweaters and vests must come well below the waist, and necklines must be discreet. If in doubt, add a couple of inches to sleeves and sweater body -- the sleeves can be rolled up, and a longer sweater is always better than one that's too short. In fact, if it's too short, there's no point in even sending it.

What does everyone else have to finish up? We've done campaigns with lot less lead time, so I expect great and wonderful things this time too. (Have I mentioned recently how truly terrific all of you are?)

*If you're not on the list to get direct notification of new campaigns, you can sign up right on the front page of the afghans for Afghans web site.


Judy said...

Oh good - I started a pair of mittens last night rather than returning that wool to my stash containers. They can start my box for the next campaign. I find mittens and socks easy to do and good for taking along - though I may try another top down sweater as I have some leftover wool that would make a great sweater. This time I will aim to get to the postoffice a bit earlier so I don't have to spring for priority postage.

Bloo said...

I made a pair of mittens on the weekend, and started another pair last night, hoping that they could be used in a future campaign, and here is is announced today! That's good news.

Sally said...

I have to finish an arm hole and neck on a vest...so I am very close on that project. So glad that I get the second chance, as I was going to send it for the March campaign. And I am going to do mittens 'cause I love doing them and they are so easy to carry.

Kathy said...

I was feeling a gap with no A4A socks on my needles. I'll cast on another pair as soon as I can.

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