Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm New Here!

Hi, everyone. I'm Carol from MN. I have followed A4A for a long time, but haven't contributed other than sending wool yarn to a couple of knitters. I learned to knit about 40 years ago and never really went anywhere with it (scarves, a baby blanket). Now I've taken it up again and am hoping to build up my skill and confidence so I can some day make something cool like mittens or a sweater.

I am working on a baby blanket that will be for A4A. Don't know when, because I'm a slow knitter, plus I'll have to watch the drives and see when it will fit in. I am in awe of some of the gorgeous sweaters you all have made lately. Just beautiful!!

I've been quilting voraciously, so that's mostly what I write about at my blog. You can visit there if you want. Otherwise, I hope to become a better knitter with practice so I can share some stuff with Afghanistan!
Carol E.

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Kathy said...

welcome, Carol. It's great to have you!

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