Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two sweaters

Here are the last two sweaters I have finished - this box will be FULL. The one at the top, underneath, is in Brushstrokes Megawool which required US#19 needles. I did a modification of the Chunky Yarn Sweater that has been posted to this blog. The other is the sweater I made of Noro Tubu, an in-progress photo was posted weeks ago and I've been forgetting to show the final item. I have exactly as much yarn remaining as I used for this, and had thought of sending two matched sweaters for this campaign, but was sidetracked by the other yarn and so will send the match to a future campaign.

The socks will probably not make this campaign - I'm just at the gusset of the second. If I could stay home today and just knit they would be done, with luck, but of course I have to go to work! They will be the start of a box for the next youth campaign. I'll mail everything after my knitting group tonight as someone wants to see my mittens.

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Judy said...

Nice sweaters - I love the color of that Noro Tubu sweater.
I also have a pair of socks that was left behind this time because they aren't quite finished. I suspect there will be a future need for kid's wool socks. My box did end up having a sweater, one pair of mittens and one pair of worsted wool kids socks.

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