Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daisy and a couple photos from recent history; Meet more of us

Daisy wasn't in the photo of packing yesterday, but she was with us. Thought I would post this photo of Daisy (on left) working with us on a shipping-out day earlier this year. I think this was taken in May when we shipped our huge collection of 73 cartons to CURE Hospital for sending overseas. On the right is Elizabeth, who often helps on her lunch hour as she works nearby.

Looking through my photos, I am prompted to add this photo with Marilyn (left), Kate (center), and Carol (right). Marilyn and Carol travel by ferry from the north to get to SF to help us pack. Kate travels by subway (under the water) from the east.

We took the above photo because we loved how the hot colors and border charged up the brown yarn. Modern Art. Laura's peeking out from behind. On the file cabinet ... we've taped photos of our friend Paul and his Power Blankets. Yeah, we're sexists!

-- Ann,


Elizabeth D said...

I love to see this pictures! Living 3000 miles away kind of keeps me from helping unpack and pack back up, but oh how I wish I could!

--Elizabeth D

GenKnit said...
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Kathy said...

I love seeing the basement, too!

Bloo said...

Thanks to the dedicated Basement Volunteers! I love getting a glimpse into that part of the work.

What a super blanket - there's a lot of a4A contributors out there with amazing design sense. And the yellow one visible on the right is so sunny looking, what a great colour!

Gail said...

I also love seeing the photos of the beautiful blankets being unpacked and sorted. They are truly an inspiration to all.

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