Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Irishrose51 said...

The blankets are beautiful! I like your colors even if the camera and lighting distorts them somewhat.

Becky said...


I think your nickname could be "Prolific Sue"--great job! You always do lively, happifying color combinations.

Digital cameras are such fun. I shoot film still (by choice), but my husband has been having a ball with his digital camera. One of the sources of amusement for him is how many different ways the camera can "see" the colors of what he's photographing.


Reed said...

OK. If I understand your complaint it is that while the final post is what you want the process makes you believe it is not going to be what you want? :-)

The blankets are wonderful. Does one of them have rocket fuel on it...did you work on it while attending the Space Shuttle launch?

You are certainly as industrious as they come in making beautiful blankets.

GenKnit said...
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Jean said...

Beautiful, as usual. :-)

Jean in Maine

Unknown said...
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