Friday, September 11, 2009

Reminder on Timing

Please keep in mind that we do not know if the afghans for Afghans project will be sending blankets in May. Best to only work as far out as our current guidelines/needs. We need to be very clear about this and don't want to mislead anyone.

We just have too many variables (shipping costs/budgets, overseas partners, security, collection center space, my time, etc) to manage -- in what is still a war zone -- and cannot plan that far ahead or promise that we can get your gifts to Afghanistan in the future.

We hope many of you can participate in our current campaign for baby blankets for CURE: Our due date will probably be late October.

A group of us -- Annette, Deborah, Jo, Daisy -- did open packages at our AFSC Collection Center today. We're already starting to receive some baby blankets for this campaign. Thank you so much! I think the incoming package flow stated to pick up this week. The blankets we have received to date are beautiful-- in their variety of colors, patterns, yarns -- and very well-made. Ends woven in and trimmed mostly (did someone say we offer finishing services? squash that rumor!). Strange how 30" x 40" blankets look small to the eyes after handling much bigger blankets in the past and then we remember how small a newborn is. These blankets will likely be used on the hospital beds and for swaddling.

Thanks, Ann,

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