Monday, September 28, 2009

It's finished!

Thanks to Sue for her guidance through the 'get the picture from the camera to the blogsite'.

I have used up any dark colors in my collection.

Thanks to Elizabeth for sending me the Bartlett yarn. I've started the second afghan. It won't look as crazy as this one.



GenKnit said...
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Barbara in California said...

Cyndy, what a stunning blanket! It looks as if it should be mounted in a fiber-arts show -- you have really created a work of art!

carolknits said...


Shirley said...

Love it!!

Cyn said...

My partner calls it the Frankenstein afghan. :)

Cathy said...

Well, & I have very different ideas about 'dark colors'(see your previous post...when you didn't know how to add the picture.) This is so not what I was expecting; what a neat abstract design! Very nice indeed!!

Cyn said...

I had recently gone to a yarn shop in Phoenixville, PA that had an array of pastel cottons in every shade imaginable. I guess I was contrasting the somber tones of my reds, greens, dark grays with these innocent colors.

Reed said...

They are not my favorite colors, but your blanket is beautiful. Well designed and executed.

thank you

Unknown said...

this reminds me of some of the gees bend quilts (
very cool!

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