Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Afghan becomes a shawl

New to A4A and yarn activities, except for those assigned by junior high school home ec teachers years ago, I would like to say hello. My name is Lynette and I live and work in Minnesota where warm wear is essential for survival. I learned about A4A via a blog mentioning the American Red Cross and how its former war-time knitting projects serve as inspiration for A4A. My first crochet project, pictured here, was supposed to be a baby afghan for the CURE baby afghan project due November 23. Alas, my afghan grew 20 inches in length and shrunk two inches in width after a machine washing (my bad, I know), and became a toasty warm shawl that will never have the dimensions required for CURE. (Experts at my my local yarn shop confirm this.) So, I will not make this coming afghan-making deadline, but will, perhaps, try for the next one!


Shirley said...

It's still a beautiful shawl!

Kathy said...

It's beautiful work, Lynne. We've all seen our work radically altered by washing machines!

Laura said...

That's happened to me with superwash wools. They don't bloom and tighten up -- instead they want to grow! Not to worry, you should be able to contribute your lovely blanket to a future campaign.

GenKnit said...
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Baby Girl Hodge, Minneapolis MN said...

Many thanks, everyone, for your support and kind words!

Reed said...

My girlfriend left a cashmere scarf I knitted her in a sweatshirt. It came out of the wash totally unwearable.

Your work is still beautiful.

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