Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Peggy's article to read

Peggy Gordon of Fairmount (near Philadelphia) sent me the article -- "Global Warming ... In a Positive Sense," Home News -- from their local paper that tells the story of her knitting group making blankets for Afghanistan. I found the online link so you can read: Fairmount Knitters Keeping Afghans Warm.

The online version does not include the print version photo of Peggy at her home surrounded by their group blankets on the sofa, so I am posting this Basement photo we have that features Pam holding one of their blankets from earlier this year --

Great job, Peggy, on getting the story in the press and the blankets!

(Very smart, too, to ask the public for donations of wool for your group.)

Peggy told me that Margaret Tobin does all their crocheting and has the great color sense for the assembly. And, small world, I think Elizabeth mentioned that she knows these folks in her local knitting world.

(That's Mary-Ellen on the left. Unfortunately, she no longer works for AFSC cause of budget-cut layoffs. We miss her. We wish her the best, and her next employer is going to be very lucky.)


GenKnit said...
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pldrake said...

Great news! Is this the Peggy Gordon who went to William and Mary with me (or perhaps a relative of hers)?

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