Tuesday, November 10, 2009

thinking about patterns

When we are all done with this campaign, I might take some time this winter to work up some crochet sweater patterns that would be good for A4A. I've made a post on my personal blog so as not to clutter up this one -- if you have any interest or preferences, I would love your comments. I make a lot of "one-offs" and don't generally put the effort into creating directions that others can use as a guideline to make it again, so this may take a while :). (BTW, I work in computer software and believe in "open source", so anything I design would be free for anyone to use).


GenKnit said...
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Afghan Ann said...

Shirley's blue cardigan that she posted here is one of the best overall crocheted garments we have seen in terms of what we need with a sweater for Afghanistan youth. Very good fit and shape, coverage, utility of ribbing and button band with proper button holes that close up against cold. High neck, gusset space under arms, etc. Classic does seem to work best. Thanks, Catherine.

Shirley said...

I've had no luck finding more copies of that pattern book locally, but I did email Red Heart yarns and asked about ordering multiple copies of it at a discount. Here's the link:

Afghan Ann said...

HI Shirley, Even if your blue crochet sweater pattern is not easily available to people, I Just thought I would mention here to cti so she might consider some of the features for her own original design. I also have a photo of a crochet cardigan by Pamela in NYC and plan to post that for additional inspiration. Thanks.

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