Monday, November 16, 2009

A book and an article

Here's a book for kids aged 9 to 12 with a major thread about Afghanistan. Andrew Clements is a wonderful writer -- I've read almost all his books, even though I'm considerably older than his official target audience. I've requested this one from the library and can't wait.

In other news about Afghanistan, I found this article when reading on-line news reports from my college, Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. It's about an extraordinary family of siblings from Afghanistan and how all of the kids are pursuing their educations with the goal of going back and rebulding their country (one of them is at Bates). These are remarkable kids, and there's a little bit of insight into what life has been like over the past 20years.


Shirley said...

Very interesting article!
I hope all those kids succeed!

Afghan Ann said...

Small world. Mustafa (in the article) and a young man named Jared (who was in the Marines and later worked at a school in Kabul) and me will be interviewed at 7:30 pm Maine time today -- you can stream it -- I hesitate to mention this because interviews make me nervous, but what the heck, I do want you to hear Mustafa and Jared --

Cathy said...

Thanks for the article, Elizabeth. This family has high hopes for their country & I hope their dreams come true.

I've put a reserve on Extra Credit at my library. I'm always interested in learning more about Afghanistan.

Afghan Ann said...

Mustafa and Jared were terrific on the radio show. One of the most sane and informative discussions on Afghanistan that I have heard in a long time. They both are at Bates college. Do read the articles on them that Elizabeth posted. The show host-- Lilly (from Blunt Youth Radio -- is a high school student, and she has a knitting club that makes items for a4A. What a talented young woman!
(There is no show archives.)

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