Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crochet Vest from a Blanket

At left are two things I have finished. The mittens were not quite done for the last youth campaign so I was going to keep them, but now that there is another campaign they are ready to go. They are Morehouse Merino hand-dyed and very nice and warm; I have another pair in a different colourway.
The vest started out as a baby blanket for the CURE Hospital that was not done for the last collection. I realized that if I folded the bit I had over the shoulders it was the start of a vest. It is worked side-to-side. I did the front and back, skipping stitches in between for the neck opening, then joined the two parts for the other side. Very steady crocheting, not much brain work reqired. The neck edging is better in real life than it photographed! I just added a couple rows of single crochet to give it a finished look. The body is coned wool and the edging is an oddball leftover bit, I think angora-wool.
I am thinking of holding several strands together to try the super-bulky sweater pattern. I also have some oddballs of Tahki Bunny that I will use for mittens as they work up fast. Three balls make about two pairs for a larger child; I am a small woman so if the items fit me, they are good! The vest goes down to about my hipbone.


Kathy said...

What a clever way to give new life to a WIP! The vest looks terrific.

cheryl said...

Could you post your pattern for this vest? It looks great. I am a blanket maker, and I'm trying to learn to make a vest, thanks.

MargoLynn said...

Cheryl: I'll try to "unvent" the pattern. It was pretty much free-form - a forty-inch wide piece, and a square hole slightly offset. If working to inches isn't a problem for you, this should work for almost any gauge and yarn.

LyniHop said...

Yes, I would very much like the pattern, too! I have been, um...."unsuccessful" with my vest attempts so far, and want to send more than mittens. This looks like something I could handle -- thanks!

pldrake said...

I like this variation on a crocheted blanket; a good idea if I run out of yarn for a blanket.

LyniHop said...

Margolynn, I can't thank you enough for this idea and the easy-4-fools-like-me-2-follow "recipe." I've nearly finished one, and should be able to make at least a couple more before deadline -- and this looks nice, too! Thanks again!

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