Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crocheted Mittens

I'm doing a variation on "Bev's Marvelous Mittens", which is the first crochet mitten pattern listed on the a4A page. Instead of doing single crochet for the body and slip stitches to shaping, I'm doing half double crochet for the body and single crochet for the shaping. (And fewer rows, of course.) The red and blue pair are finished. The pink and blue pair still need to be stitched up. These mittens fit me and are a bit large. Next, I'm figuring out a smaller size, using a nice sizing chart I found (plus finishing the larger ones).



Kathy said...

What a clever pattern! As a knitter, I'm quite impressed at what crochet can do.

These are lovely and will keep some children very warm!

Bloo said...

Cute stripes!

Thanks for the sizing chart for mitts - I needed one of those! I am working on a mitt that seems a bit small so now I can go check and see if it is big enough.

pldrake said...

I liked the original pattern so much that I had my family members send me tracings of their hands (all but the thumb closed) to make the mittens tailored to order. I did find the adult size came out much too long and ended up using the youth size for length, then adding rows for the desired width. I'm referencing my only sibling's family (spouse, children and grandchildren) who had Thanksgiving dinner together. She mailed me the tracings afterward (and made a copy for herself, a fellow lifelong crocheter).

For A of A I used my own hands as a model, as they are rather small.

Gwyneth said...

I'm pretty pleased with this, myself. I did the original pattern once, but because I crochet pretty tightly, it was really slow and tedious to work in back loops only. For some reason, it's a lot quicker to do back loops only with half-double-crochet than with single crochet. I'm close to finishing the third pair and I'm planning at least one more.

pldrake said...

I'll try your variation on the single crochet/slipstitch called for in the original pattern the next time I make up that pattern. (And thanks to "Bev" for sharing it.)

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