Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Yarn Give-Away

Hello all,

I just received one of Elizabeth D.'s free yarn bundles and I have been so pleased and busy with it that I want to pay forward. I think there is something about receiving a gift like this that makes one want to try harder to make a beautiful thing with it--at least that is what is happening with me. I can't wait to finish the vest I'm making and post a picture.

So, here is what I have to offer: 100% merino chunky superwash by Fibranatura, made in Turkey. It is very soft. I made two packages based on nice color combinations:

One package is 700 yards containing approximately equal amounts of bubble gum pink, light yellow, and light blue, with an additional 100 yards of a coordinating Lion Brand Landscapes multicolor that would make a nice trim. 800 yards total, enough to make two vests or one sweater in a chest size 32", according to my yarn yardage chart. I don't think it's too pastel, but if you do, you could stripe it with a darker blue or dye it.

The other package is 500 yards of the same wool, half of which is bright teal and the other half is bright "Barbie pink." There is an additional 100 yards of a coordinating multicolor of Sensations Angel Hair from Jo-Ann Fabrics. This package is very intense in color! 600 yards total, which is enough for two vests or one sweater in a size 30" chest.

I will take names and street addresses on my personal email: aquatory at yahoo dot com until Sunday night, and then I will draw two names at random and mail the packages on Monday. Please let me know if you do or do not have a preference regarding which package you want. Just like Elizabeth, I can't wait to see what someone else comes up with for the current a 4 A youth campaign!


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