Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Challenge

Is anyone else attempting a vest for the first time? I'm excited to try and would like to hear from others who are stepping off into this (potential) abyss! Though I've been crocheting for lo, these many years, I've generally been a very 'geometric' type -- prodigious, but geometric. Since what is needed now is not blankets, it's time to step outside the comfort zone....which I am going to do with the In-Vest for Peace vest -- the pattern reads friendly enough! One question: can anyone see anything horrendous about possibly sewing up/crocheting up the front to make it a pullover? Has anyone done this or am I crossing into horrible faux-pas land? Glad to be here with ya'll!


Kathy said...

I'm a knitter not crocheter, but it sounds like a fine idea to me!

GenKnit said...

I made the pattern for the vest. Feel free to crochet up the front. I usually do it after completing the border rounds of crochet. I just sl st or sc up the center front seam, instead of sewing buttons on.


GenKnit said...

P.S. if you have any problems with the vest, you may email me directly at genknit at verizon dot net.


Elizabeth D said...

Just remember, better too loose than too tight! If you have a kid around of the right size -- neighbor, or your own, or a friend's child -- have them try it on.

Also, check out Crochet Pattern Central ( for lots and lots of free crochet patterns. Haven't tested any myself -- anyone out there know which sweater and vest patterns on that list are really good, or from reliable designers?

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