Friday, February 19, 2010

A casual get-together at Stitches West

While my contribution to the current drive lies blocking, I'll seize the moment to announce a casual get-together of a4A knitters at Stitches West next week. Two of us, Candace and I, will grab a table near one of the concession stands inside the market, on Saturday, at noon. There should be a sign on the table and we'll be proudly wearing our a4A InVest for Peace buttons. Nothing formal, just a place to knit or eat and chat. If you can join us, please do so! We all need a break from yarn-market madness.

Post-scriptum for Tory who posted earlier about attending Stitches too: I don't know if you saw my comment to your post, but I'll also be there on Thursday and Friday. We can get in touch through Ravelry (PM me at Scarletknitter) or you can contact me through my blog . I am sorry to respond this publicly but unfortunately Blogspot isn't letting us contact posters privately so...

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carolknits said...

Will look for you there

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