Thursday, February 25, 2010

More mittens

The deadline snuck up on me, too. Everything was well in hand on Monday ... then I found a mistake 5 rows back and had to rip out and re-crochet (on the largest mitten, of course). I still had time to finish on Tuesday, until I realized I had lost my favorite yarn needle. I think my cat hid it. After hunting for a couple of hours, I gave up and used my backup. So I had to finish the last cuff during lunch on Wednesday. They all got in the mail this morning!

I finished two small pairs and one medium sized pair, pictured on my office chair. The good part of all this is that I could get someone to take my picture with the mittens.

The pattern is my half-double crochet variation on Bev's Marvelous Mittens. With Bev's permission, I'm posting the pattern here, as a comment.


Gwyneth said...

Here's the pattern. My first attempt at writing a pattern, so please let me know of any mistakes!

Half-double crochet variation on Bev’s Marvelous Mittens
(original pattern can be found at

Three sizes: the largest is an adult women’s size followed by two smaller sizes, which approximate size 12 and size 8.
H hook, worsted weight yarn
For striped mittens, alternate colors every 2nd row.

Chain 93 (84, 77)
Main Hand:

Row 1: Hdc in 3rd chain from hook and in next 8 chains (makes 10 in total); 3 sc; 31 (27, 23) hdc; 4 sc; 31 (27, 23) hdc; 3 sc; 10 hdc.

Row 2: Chain 2 (counts as first hdc), 9 hdc, 3 sc, 31 (27, 23) hdc, 4 sc, 31 (27, 23) hdc, 3sc, 10 hdc (in other words, hdc in each hdc; sc in each sc)

Rows 3-14 (12, 10): repeat Row 2.

Thumb Section:

Next row: Chain 2, 9 hdc, 3 sc, 12 (10, 8) hdc, chain 22, skip 42 (38, 34) stitches (or count backwards from wrist sc stitches), 12 (10, 8) hdc, 2 sc, 10 hdc

Next row: Chain 2, 9 hdc, 3 sc, 22 (19, 16) hdc, 2 sc, 22 (19, 16) hdc, 3 sc, 10 hdc

Remaining rows: Repeat previous row 6 (5, 4) times.

Fold in half and sew together.
Finish off the cuff. The first row below will decrease the size of the cuff a bit. If you want to keep the size the same, I found that fitting 7 stitches in 6 rows works nicely.

1: hdc in end of each row; join

2, version a: If you want to decrease it some more, try doing chain 2 (counts as first hdc), 3 hdc, decrease hdc, *4 hdc, decrease and repeat from * around, join (probably won’t come out even)

2, version b: If you like the size as it is, chain 2, then hdc around, join

3) chain 1, sc in same stitch, sc around, join and finish off.

MargoLynn said...

Great photos, love all those colours. And thanks for the pattern - A4A is a great excuse to try new things.

Elizabeth D said...

We are so glad to see your face!! I got brave and put my own picture out there a while ago (how I hate having my picture taken) after Ann's repeated urging, and if I can do it, anybody can. Go ahead, show yourselves! We love to see the faces behind the work.

Kate A said...

What cheerful mittens, they make me smile. I have a couple of enthusiastic volunteers I'm teaching to knit, but I'm thinking crochet might be more productive and yours a good first pattern. Thanks!

Annette said...

We volunteers in the basement (who are also crocheters) love these mittens! They are by far the best patterns (both Bev's Marvelous Mittens and Gwyneth's modified) we've seen. I'm a die-hard blanket maker, but I'm going to give these mittens a try.

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