Friday, February 5, 2010

Ready to go

Hello: Here are three things I am getting ready to send to first (and second!) pair of mittens from some very cool washable wool. I am finding great charm in doing mittens and have started a third pair, but I want to get these to you guys asap. (I haven't yet mailed them because I haven't managed to get to the post office yet...but I will! I hope, tomorrow!)

I am a new I am told that I should introduce myself! I started knitting right after 9/11 and find it soothing in the face of my very stressful life and job. I love producing something. I love knitting for a4A because there is purpose to my production. I don't do anything fancy, but they are good, servicable things that I hope will bring pleasure to an older boy or girl...I say that because I wonder if a4A tends to get lots of little people things.

The spirit and joy of a4A also charms me...I love who you all (and now, I hope, me) seem to be. I look forward to following your journey.


Kathy said...

Welcome Sally! Thanks for sharing your wonderful knits, they look great and am sure will warm a child. Like you, I find knitting so helpful in my stressful life, and appreciate producing gifts for the Afghans in harm's way. Cheers, Kathy

Nancy said...

Beautiful items. I look forward to seeing other projects that come from your needles. :o) Welcome to the group!

Sally said...

Thanks so much! and I am on my way to the PO RIGHT NOW! No distractions for me...(oh, maybe a few more rows...) Nope. Discipline. Going.

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