Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two hats, two pairs of mittens, and two pairs of socks (sounds like Noah's Ark) are headed to California today.

You'll see the socks from the sock class at the bottom, blending in to the weathered wood of the picnic table -- they're folded funny, so look a little misshapen, but in real life they're quite nice.

All from stash, and unintentionally heavy on the blues. Now I have time to finish up the vest, sweater, and another pair of mittens that didn't quite make it and hold onto them for the next opportunity.

Remember, we never know what the next campaign will be, or whether another youth campaign or blanket campaign will come around again at all, but I'm just going to be optimistic and forge on ahead with no guarantee.



MargoLynn said...

Good point about stocking up, Elizabeth. I may do that - although the pullover is within one decrease round of the neck ribbing, so I plan to PM a package tomorrow. But all the not-gotten-to items can get made and saved as these campaigns keep recurring.

carolknits said...

I see warm feet, hands, and heads in some child's future. Beautiful!

Bloo said...

Lovely! I especially love the blue & pink socks - great colours!

I mailed 9 pairs of mitts for this campaign(including 3 pairs made with the Lopi you sent me, Elizabeth!). Haven't been able to get a picture posted yet, but at least they're on my camera!

cti said...

just delightful!

Kate A said...

Thanks for your leadership, Elizabeth. I have two sweaters, one from Tory's wool, that are almost finished and will be ready for the next youth campaign.

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