Friday, December 10, 2010

casting on

Because I don't have a blanket 5/8 of the way finished, and because surely we have weeks and weeks until Christmas, and because there are no work deadlines hanging over my head (yes, and would you like to buy a bridge?) I've just gone to my bin of Lopi to see what I have to make this wonderful pullover. The pattern was just made available today, and the three largest sizes are perfect for the current campaign. I did work on the blanket at the car repair place this morning, so don't feel I'm being totally neglectful when I consider this new project.

I have a few things to send in, but was hoping to find my camera first. I need one I can call, the way I do when I misplace my phone!


MargoLynn said...

Elizabeth, I was thinking the same thing about that pullover! I may start it once my holiday knitting and crocheting is finished, that is more important to me right now.

Kathy said...

That's a great design. I got some bulky on a WEB sale that this will be perfect for.

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