Friday, December 24, 2010

Projects coming!

Hello all: My Christmas knitting has also kept me from finishing a sweater and a vest I have to send...but I did manage to get these mittens done. They are made from Lion Brand Wool -- on sale for $2/skein at my local Ocean State Job Lot. I have more yarn from the same source...and I am still loving mittens. If I could only master socks...

And if I could only get to the post office...but watch for these coming soon.
Merry Christmas! and I will be spending my Christmas vacation making more stuff to warm our friends in Afghanistan.


Renee said...


Great job.
Just my opinion, but if you can do mittens, socks are easy. Look for "afterthought heel" patterns which will make a lot of sense to you as a mitten knitter!

Kathy said...

I agree with Renee. Socks are as easy as mittens. I usually use the "fleegle" heel (you can find this online) but will soon try the "afterthought" heel as I'm thinking of knitting a pair using traditional Turkish construction.

Nancy said...

Go back to Elizabeth's sock class on this blog. I learned how to make socks last summer after 53 years of knitting other things! (My mom taught me when I was 5---time flies! ) Elizabeth takes you step by step---she is really clear.


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