Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here is a vest I finished for the current campaign. Someone gave me a ball of the burgundy yarn to use for A for A. The rest is leftover stash that I put with it. I'm currently working on another vest out of the chunky alpaca that was donated to A for A a while back. Its a little tricky to work with because its so thick.


Cathy said...

Nice vest, Carol...a good way to use up some stash. What pattern did you use?

Good luck with the chunky alpaca. I made an afghan from it a couple years ago. It didn't want to do the cable pattern I'd selected, but worked well for in a basket stitch pattern. I give you credit for using it for a vest.

Happy New Year everyone!

Kathy said...

Very nice. The burgundy really pulls the variety of colors together.

carolknits said...

I use Ann Budd's Book of Patterns for most of my A for A knitting. It gives you basic information for all weights if yarn and sizes. The colors and striping patterns are my own invendtions.

Carol E. said...

This is beautiful!

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