Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Packing Last Week for Afghan Youth

We took a few photos for you. Four of us enjoyed our afternoon opening packages and packing up boxes for the students in the schools run by Help the Afghan Children. We were not expecting a huge pile because we know most volunteers are busy with their own families and friends during the holiday season. Yet, the 4 of us kept a busy pace for 3.5 hours. Thank you so much for your wool gifts this month.

We're trying to hit 40 cartons before we ship off the collection. I estimate that we're at about 20 cartons and that we can reach 40 by end of Jan. Jan. and Feb. usually pick up, based on past years. I'll know more after the end of the year and keep everyone posted via our email list and website.

Diane (holding the box) came up from down south -- the Peninsula -- to help pack last week. We were so happy to see the real her! Mostly, Diane and I are in touch via email. Diane helps me answer the incoming emails to our project. We do have standard replies to most questions, and our website explains most everything, but we get one-off questions, and some people need extra explanations. Diane's assistance has been a life-saver this year. I LOVE being able to count on her.

Lydia (brown hair) came up from down south, too -- Santa Cruz. That's a trek. Both Lydia and her mom in Minnesota have been knitting a long time for a4A. Karen (in the middle) joined us from back east -- Berkeley/Oakland -- a BART ride over to SF. Karen is a frequent packer for a long time now. Aren't these volunteers and the sweaters gorgeous?

Lydia and Diane are holding up Diane's production of 3 sweaters, 13 vests, and 9 hats. I don't know how she did it, but must involve NetFlix. What's also very cool -- the yarn was a donation from someone in her area. The person had a stash, but no longer able to knit. She got in touch with Diane, who agreed to use all the wool to knit for kids in Afghanistan. The donor had a hard time letting go of her stash (who wouldn't?), but grateful when Diane showed up to make good use of the supply. I mention this in the hopes that others needing wool can match up with folks that want to see their excess wool put to good use.

So nice of these loyal volunteers to take time from their busy schedules -- especially December -- to pitch in and keep us rolling along. The time always goes fast in the Basement with such good company. Our own special time warp.

If you're reading this post and subscribed to this a4A blog (go take the cookies out of the oven), pop-in for a quickie last 2010 post to say hello. Short and sweet OK with us. Happy holidays to all!


Afghan Ann said...

So the text and photos don't exactly match up on my screen. To be clear, the photos of 3 graces -- these 3 sweaters are made by different volunteers. Diane's own batch of her knits in bottom photo.

Elizabeth D said...

Wow! I am feeling inspired. . . but can't do anything about it until Sunday. I am looking forward to feeling relaxed enough to start something new!

Judy said...

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. I do have a pair of mittens sitting beside my knitting spot ready to be packed but mostly I am finishing up some last minute presents for family right now. I have started another pair of socks for A4A and they will get finished after the Christmas gifts are done.

Joan said...

Basement photos are always awe inspiring. I haven't been able to work in the basement for the past year but maybe early in the new year, Joe and I can come for a day and help. Joe is always the best in helping Ann organizize and move the boxes around! See you all soon.

Afghan Ann said...

Joan, we'll plan a day around you and Joe. One of the hectic days when the Basement is jammed, and we're trying to meet our ship-out deadline. We missed you, Joe, and Frank this past October.
Memories ...

Cathy said...

Seeing everyone's needlework inspires me. I have some yarn purchased for a sweater...I need to get that on needles! I'm always amazed at the creativity of the items.

Jean said...

I always enjoy pictures from the Basement. I wish I lived close by to volunteer instead of on the other side of the country. Happy Holidays to everyone and happy knitting/crocheting throughout the New Year.

Jean from Maine

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