Sunday, August 30, 2009

8 x 8 squares

Hi friends,

My knitting time for this campaign is limited, so I'm just making some squares to send to a ravelry A4A contact. I've gotten some lovely green yarn for these. I did one up in moss stitch, and am working on a diagonal garter stitch. I'd love some suggestions: What stitches do folks like for squares, for them to be reversible?


Cathy said...

Hi Kathy! I'm going to try to insert a link here for a stitch pattern I think would work nicely for some squares. Right now, I'm making a scarf using this pattern. It's a 2 row pattern, easy to learn, done on multiples of 4 plus 1 stitch. Here goes:
corrugator pattern

Did it work?

Cathy said... didn't work. Wonder what I didn't do right? I thought I followed Teresa's directions. Oh, well, try googling the 'corrugator scarf.' It's by Paula Smith & imbedded in her blog. I think it would be an easy pattern to adapt to your 8x8 squares.

Good luck!

Kathy said...

Thanks, Cathy. This is just the kind of stitch pattern I'm looking for. I'll use to make my next square or two.

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