Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back from the post office

Hello all: the 1st really snuck up on me...I finished 2 pairs of mittens using Elizabeth's pattern (so easy and fast...thanks for sharing) and was stuggling to finish a medium sized sweater...that I dropped down to a vest...and now is not going to be finished in time. These were my Ravelypic projects, but, life happens. I'll have the vest for the next project. It is almost done.

No photos, because I didn't get that done either and really wanted them in the mail today. So, the mittens were a 2 strange fisherman wool...they are very warm...and this very large pair of orange solid and variagated yarn with hot pink, orange,, but alas, no photo.

I so enjoy doing this and seeing everyone's photos. Next time! Can't wait for the next campaign! Good luck to all the packers...I would be there if I could. Sally

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