Monday, February 15, 2010

Kid-Tested Sweaters

These 2 adorable photos were sent to me directly, so I asked for permission to post here so more people could enjoy. Photo on top is of Ann Hailey and her friend from the Unitarian Church in Davenport, Iowa. Ann says her friend picked the colors and design, and so the sweater is from both of them. (Pretend those are not camo pants, if you wish.) A couple years ago we met Ann during her vacation to San Francisco when she joined us for packing in the AFSC Basement.

Photo below, Beth Daniels' daughter Taite models for us. Beth mentioned that she is a PA friend of Elizabeth's (our moderator) and that Elizabeth inspired her to knit for a4A. Why am I not shocked at this news? Glad to see that the snow has melted, and the leaves are falling again. (What do I know about seasons ...)

We packed last Friday, and the inflow of packages is starting to pick up after a slow start to the year. We'll be packing again this week. Thank you to all who have contributed and those who are in process for our March 1 due date.


Judy said...

Great sweaters - nice to see them on the models.

Annette said...

Beautiful sweaters! Love the colors! Great Job!

Davenport said...

Hi! Thanks to Afghan Ann Rubin for posting the picture of me (grey sweater) and my friend V. who is wearing the sweater we designed and knit together. I worked with her sister C. (who took this great photo) and brother D. during past campaigns to design and knit a sweater in her/his choice of yarns. It's been great fun for me to work with them. They choose wonderful color combinations, and I know the sweaters will fit someone.

By the way, I laughed about the camo pants comment. V. is wearing snow pants; I think she had just returned from nature study in the woods!

Ann Hailey (a.k.a. Davenport)

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