Friday, February 12, 2010

Question re Laura's turtleneck pattern

I am working here: " To complete the upper body:
M1 on either side of each seam st (8 increases) every 2 rounds 12 times.
Work even until 56 rounds [8 inches] are completed."

Where do you start counting the 56 rounds or 8 inches -- from the neck? from some other point?



Laura said...

(Judy, you need to start counting (or measuring) from the time you were able to join and knit in the round, that is, right after casting the extra stitches for the center front. I apologize for not phrasing this more clearly in the pattern. As soon as this drive is behind us (and my own frantic knitting of the same pattern!) I'll send Ann Rubin an improved set of instructions.

Judy said...

Thanks -- that makes sense -- I plan to get back to knitting this evening for the Olympics. I plan to finish this sweater before the deadline thanks to lots of TV/knitting time. I am using some left over wool - much of it Falk from Dale and some TreeHouse. Judy

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