Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stitches West

Here are two of the sweaters I dropped off at Stitches West this weekend. The checkered one is made with Elizabeth's gift yarn plus Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. The sleeves look skinny in the photo but I tried it on and they are fine. I made the sleeves extra long, for hand coverage, which I personally enjoy.

Sorry I missed you, Laura, at Stitches. At 8:30 Friday morning, I got a text that my daughter's school (and three others it turns out) was being evacuated for a bomb threat. After confirming that a friend would take care of her until my husband could get a break from work, I still was too anxious to concentrate on class. Plus, I missed the first half hour of class getting everything my details worked out! Stitches' registrar, Mavis Smith, was so understanding regarding giving me a refund for my Friday classes. So I drove back to Stockton. At least I was there at Stitches all day and night on Thursday and had a great time.

How was the get together on Saturday?

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carolknits said...

Cute sweaters. I was at Stitches West also and went by the A for A table. Unfortunately, at that point only Candace and Laura and I were the only ones there. We had a nice visit though!

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