Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blanket Ready to Go!

About a year ago, I received a set of handknit wool squares from the president of our local knitting guild. She said they were knit by a family member, and she wanted me to use them for charity.

They've been lounging in my craft room since then, waiting for me to have time to work on them. Since A4A was wanting baby blankets this time around, I decided to grab those squares and put them to work.

So, I seamed them together, then added some crochet sections to make the blanket the right size, then added a crochet border all around. I like the way it turned out!
Wool Squares Blanket Complete

Here's a closer look at the shell border at the ends:
Wool Squares Blanket - Crochet Border 2


Barbara in California said...

Shandeh, how creative! Your accent color and the crochet ends really spark up the squares. Good job!

Cathy said...

I'm glad your guild president knew you'd have just the right charity for those lounging squares. They seamed up nicely & I like the look of the shell border.

Let's far that's 3 blankets ready to go.

Reed said...

What a wonderful use for those squares and you do a great job of turning them into a blanket.

Thanks for sharing that.

Shandeh said...

Thank you all for the encouragement! :)

Becky said...

You did a great job, Shandeh. Did you crochet around each block first, before sewing them together, or did you sew them together with contrasting yarn? I'm currently avoiding sewing together some garter stitch squares for another project because I'm not sure how to make them look nice--like yours does!



GenKnit said...
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Elizabeth D said...

It's remarkable how easy it is to make garter stitch look really elegant. Well done!

Jean said...

Nice job putting all the squares together. Looks comfy. :-)

Jean in Maine

Shandeh said...

Thank you all!

Sorry it took me a while to post again. I've been BUSY lately! Whoa!

Becky, to answer your question, Yes - I did a crochet border around each square, using some Beige Lee Wards Needlepoint Yarn I had in my stash. That yarn is SO soft!

With a crochet border around each square, it makes things much easier for seaming them together.

Shandeh said...

GenKnit, I'll be meeting with the nice lady that donated the squares. I told her about the finished blanket, and said that I would like to let her see it in person. We'll take a photo there for sure. :D

Shandeh said...

Last night, I met with the nice lady that gave me the wool squares for the blanket. You can see a photo of her holding the blanket here:

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