Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Everyone

I introduced myself this morning on what I thought was this blog only to find out just a minute ago by a note from Pearl pointing out that I posted on the old one! What a way to start off...

My name is Joan, I reside in Santa Cruz, CA with my husband Joe, who has joined me in helping out in the magic basement. He's been great at organizing and moving boxes in the samll space that is provided for A4A.

I started knitting about a year ago; knitted a baby blanket and because I jumped into the campaign late in the game didn't have much time to meet the deadline, so there were days when I did nothing but knit. My sore hands could certainly attest to that.

And here I am a year later, after knitting several more blankets, etc. starting another baby blanket and happy to have a new campaign starting.

Looking forward to photos and posts.


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