Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blue mohair blanket, chapter one

This is my first time trying out our new KAL home on the internet. Good to see us all posting again! I imagine we will all get much chattier once the weather cools off and we become more aware of the clock ticking away.

I took advantage of the Berkeley a4A monthly knitting group meeting last week to start on my current blanket for this drive. I am combining two big interests here: stash-busting and steeking. The stash-busting part means that I am knitting a double-stranded blanket, combining one strand of variegated blue mohair with one of solid blue fingering-weight wool. The result is really warm, lightweight yet noticeably softer than if I had used just mohair.

Steeking is a new favorite technique of mine. I first got brave enough to try it during our rectangular shawl campaign of 2008, when I thought of knitting a striped shawl in the round. That was absolutely addictive, and I couldn't wait to try this technique again for a blanket. Here is what I have so far:

The first rounds were knitted in seed stitch, then I switched to stockinette. Knitting in the round means the blanket grows very fast. Every three rounds or so, I change colorways for the fingering weight yarns, say, from a light blue to a darker blue or periwinkle. The blue mohair is the constant yarn here. Once I reach 40", I will knit another border in seed stitch, then cut that huge cylinder and figure out a nice, flat finish for the two long edges. I'll post final photos here and probably some updates on my blog here .

I have already started brainstorming on the next blanket after this one. Mosaic knitting beckons...


Cathy said...

Laura, I remember being totally impressed with the shawl that you steeked before. The blues in this blanket are deep & luscious; what a stash you must have! Whenever I get brave enough to steek, I'll want you to hold my hand!


Afghan Ann said...

I had to delve into the Scarlet Knitter's archive to find the steeked shawl.

And, I got to practice making a hotlink with html code (imo, the tool bar is easier when adding a hotline to a post). I have no idea why the tool bar option is not available when commenting. C'est la vie.

We have a few Anns here, have you noticed? So, I gave myself a nickname.

-- Ann, afghansforAfghans.org

Sumac said...

I'm Susan in Lakewood, Colorado, new to the knit along and delighted! Your blue afghan is beautiful Laura. I've been knitting for afghansforAfghans for several years now and will try to post some of my contributions. Given that my soldier son just returned from a remote outpost in Afghanistan safe and sound, the campaigns are all the more meaningful for me. Cheers.

Kathy said...

Dear Susan, Joy that your son has returned safely!

Reed said...

The trick of using two different yarns which allows you to change colors is a good one. You use it for beautiful results.

I look forward to see the project finished.

Jean said...

That blanket looks so warm and cozy and beautiful!

Jean in Maine

Cathy said...

Welcome, Susan! Glad to hear your son has come home safely.


GenKnit said...
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