Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm in!

Hi everyone! I'm Bloo, in Ontario (Canada). I've been knitting for A4A for a little while - I had to take a hiatus due to a sore wrist but have been back since the start of the year.

I'm happy about the blanket campaign, as I finished one knitted corner-to-corner rectangular blanket in May, and have enough 10"x10" squares to sew together for another blanket. This will give me incentive to actually weave in all the ends and sew the squares together!

I have also started another blanket using the Finnias pattern ( I think this is a great pattern because you can use up miscellaneous colours but the blanket will still be symetrical becuase it grows from the inside out, and you are knitting around the edges. I just made the centre panel a rectangle instead of a square so I will end up with a blanket in the correct dimensions for the campaign.



Barbara in California said...

Bloo, the Finnias looks like a great pattern. With worsted weight yarn, are you using needles larger than size 3? And how big was your initial rectangle? What a great stash-buster this is!

Bloo said...

Hi Barbara! Yes - I'm using 5mm needles (I believe thats a US size 8) and worsted weight yarn. I think the rectangle was around 8"x11" or thereabouts, to get roughly a 3:4 ratio so I would end up with the final required dimension of 30"x40". I'm stuck at the moment though until I can pick up another 5mm circular needle - I only had two long ones and a very short one, and the short one is already too short. :)

Jane said...

Thanks so much for posting this pattern, Bloo!! I have lots of bits of yarn that I'd like to use, but the only way I knew before was to make squares and sew them all together, which I hate. So this is a perfect pattern for stashbusting with no sewing up! I guess we just need to be sure all the yarns are the same weight...

Bloo said...

Hi Jane - I hate sewing squares together too! So I was delighted to find this when I was looking for a pattern where I could use up bits and pieces but not sew blocks together.

I have a bag of 10 50g balls of an illama/wool blend I got on sale from for $20, so I am thinking that with a few extra balls of Lopi Lite that I have in my a4A stash bag I can eke out this blanket.

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