Monday, August 17, 2009

What are your favorite blanket patterns?

Hi, everyone -- I've always liked that corner-to-corner crocheted blanket pattern, but haven't tried it yet (I knit WAY better than I crochet). Could one of you supply the link? And, if anyone else out there has a specific pattern you love -- I'm looking only for patterns that you, personally, have road tested and can recommend -- please post the link and a description here, for others who may need that information. I'll gather them all together in a week.

If, in the box that says "Labels for this post" you type the words (without the quotation marks) "blanket patterns" that will make it really easy for blog readers to search.

My plans to knit blanket squares at the Philadelphia Folk Festival this past weekend were foiled by Mother Nature. It was simply too hot to touch wool -- mid-90s (for you non-U.S. knitters, that's mid-30s) and viciously humid. Oh well -- we'll try it this week instead.



Reed said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I haven't discovered my all time favorite yet. This gives me permission to keep trying new patterns.

Here is the link for the corner to corner blanket:

Of course you don't need to use their colors or size.


Barbara in California said...

My favorite pattern is the Wavy Boxes afghan, found at

I've had to add stitches to the cast-on to get the proper size, but otherwise, it's great!

Jean said...

I'm making a "Moderne Baby Blanket." Here's a link to the free pdf.:

It's a good stash buster and good for mindless tv knitting. It's all garter stitch.

Jean in Maine

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