Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome to the afghans for Afghans KAL!

This KAL picks up from our old KAL ... some folks already know each other, and some participants are new here. Just plunge in. The more, the merrier.

Go ahead and introduce yourself with a post. We'd all enjoy knowing where you are from or what got you started with a4A or whatever else you would like to tell us that would make you more real for everyone here in cyberspace. Not to worry -- short is sweet.

The a4A KAL is our community place to gather for camaraderie and friendship while knitting and crocheting for the people of Afghanistan. Ask questions and seek advice, share photos and pattern links for inspiration, and support and encourage others with mutual interests.

Please keep the discussion focused on knitting and crocheting for the afghans for Afghans project and related topics of interest/information on Afghanistan.

We try to stay informed and try to stay away from discussing politics. Please be respectful.

We hope you find the discussions to be lively, useful, and friendly.

Elizabeth -- long-time a4A volunteer, community knitter, and contributor to online knitting discussions -- is our moderator. Since the a4A KAL is mostly a self-reliant discussion group, Elizabeth is perhaps more of a host than a moderator.

Behind the curtain, our blog administrator Teresa set up this forum on Blogger and will keep us humming along tech-wise. Teresa's in San Francisco and part of our local volunteer group that sorts and packs.

Remember, Blogger has Help links that discuss how to post photos, links, format, etc. Very user friendly. Here are a few that you'll find useful:

Posting photos
Making links
Main Help page

Welcome, and thank you for your involvement and for your caring about the Afghan people. We're glad you're here!

-- Ann for

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