Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hats and mitts in the mail

Woke up to cold, rain and news of intense fighting in Pakistan. Seemed like a good day to parcel up some wooly warmth.

The five hats are ones I've worked on off and on over the past few months. The yellow and green are my favourites, really thick and warm. The pattern is Cabled Cap from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Cables: Mittens, Hats & Scarves. The mittens are Elizabeth's pattern and I finally got the hang of making thumbs without gaping holes where they attach. Many thanks to the Knitting Nurse at Home Ec Workshop. Now that I can make decent thumbs, I'm hoping for an improved mittens to hats ratio for future collections.


GenKnit said...
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Reed said...

I saw your beautiful work and thought "How did she do those so quickly?" Then I read that it took some time.

No gnomes to help, I'll bet.

Thank you for sharing them.

Becky said...

Nice collection of hats and mittens. Those cabled hats were certainly an ambitious project. Wow!

Glad you got some help on the holey thumb problem. Sewing them up is such a pain, and never quite satisfactory, though serviceable. That was a problem I encountered and was much relieved to have conquered, also.


Bloo said...

Great work! I especially love the cabled hats - they look so nice and thick and warm and comfy!

I hear you re thumb holes... now I tend to pick up a few extra stitches when I start the thumb, and knit them together on the second round, which seems to help (although, I can't quite figure out how to prevent holes when I pick up the heel stitches on socks!).

Cathy said...

WOW!! I go away for a couple days & just look at the flurry of activity that's going on! There's too much to comment on individually, so...welcome to the newbies & congrats on all the nice blankets, hats, socks & mittens.

When I make mittens & am attaching my yarn for the thumb, I always leave a long tail. That way I have plenty of yarn to weave through any holes/spaces to make it nice & tight.

I put 3 pair of mittens in the mail this afternoon. No pictures...I finished the last 1 last night about 11 p.m. Too late for this knitter who gets up at 5:15, but I just had to get that last pair finished.

GenKnit said...
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muchoyarn said...

These are gorgeous. I always get in late in the game so I stick to straight knitting in the round but always wish I had a little more time to put the effort into a cable or something like intarsia. Good work!

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