Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Youth Campaign Deadline is October 29

The deadline for the youth campaign was just announced. Everything must be in San Francisco by October 29 -- that is one week from tomorrow. So get your mittens, socks, vests, hats, and bigger blankets -- minimum dimensions of 40 x 45 inches (100 x 115 cm), not to exceed 40-50 inches (100-127 cm) x 45-55 inches (115-140 cm) -- in the mail. I am picking up one last pair of mittens from a friend tonight, and I'll mail my package tomorrow. Yes, I have another pair of mittens and a pair of socks in progress, but it looks like those will roll over into the next youth campaign, whenever that might be.



Judy said...

I have an earflap hat and a pair of mittens ready to be mailed tomorrow. I have socks started but unless I finish in Friday, I probably will hold them until next time. Maybe I will try to get another blanket done by the deadline for the Cure hospital -- probably squares as I will be in Maui and holding a blanket in my lap on the beach doesn't sound like a good thing.

GenKnit said...
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