Thursday, October 15, 2009

We packed yesterday at AFSC Basement

That's Emily and Jo smiling and holding gifts knit by Carol (who traveled by car, ferry, and street car to help us pack!) I know Carol posted the baby blanket photo sometime back, but I will say that the blanket is even better looking f-2-f (we all are!). I think this is the way with most items -- photos don't do justice to the talent (still a lot of fun to see photos here of what people are making, so keep on posting). Carol's vest is handsome and well-styled -- perfect for the older kids in our youth campaign. We had a productive day -- as always! we have our dance routine down, plus enjoy each other's company so much -- with Pam and Chris, too. Our heartfelt thanks to all who have been mailing in their packages for both the youth and baby blanket campaigns. You are all talented, generous, and people of action! Glad we can work together during wartime.

I will post to our main email list when I can pin down the final due date. We're still looking at the end of October. Don't want to miss the boat, but trying to get as much knit and crochet time as possible for our youth campaign (7-14 years) for this winter.

-- Ann,


Elizabeth D said...

I love to see the things that come in -- post more pictures while you still have "slow" times. You know I'd be there with you if it weren't for this inconvenient 3,000 miles of North America in between.


Reed said...

Thanks Ann. Many times I think "I wish I'd done that." as the items are so beautiful.

I'll be sending 4 baby blankets soon.

GenKnit said...
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carolknits said...

Thanks Ann

I'm the Carol who traveled by car boat and Muni to come help pack and I love doing it. I love seeing all the things that all of you make. Wednesday we must have opened 100 boxes of your wool items.

You all are the best!

Afghan Ann said...

I guess my comment "That's Emily and Jo smiling and holding ..." was too subtle ...

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