Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I did some mittens last night, based on this pattern. They use bulky yarn and a "J" size hook, which I rarely use and I'm a little bit concerned about them. They are very thick and feel warm, but with any bulky yarn the "holes" in the crochet are larger than they would be if you used a finer gauge yarn and hook. If anyone on staff has feedback, I'd appreciate it.


Elizabeth D said...

They look great to me! I used to live in Maine, where it gets ferociously cold, and I found that although the bulkier yarns didn't always make as firm a fabric, they were quite warm. I had a couple of pairs of Lopi mittens that were actually too warm a lot of the time. Hmmm. .. I should go raid the Lopi stash; at 3.5 sts/inch (knitting) they're so fast.

I like the pattern you used, too -- I'm an elementary-level crocheter, and may take a stab at it. (With a crochet hook, nothing more ferocious.)


Becky said...

The mittens look great. The yarn will likely "fluff" a bit with use to insulate the holes more. They're gonna be warm, so no worries there.


cti said...

thanks for the great feedback!

If anyone else is interested in that pattern, be aware that it is written in British terms, so for Americans an "htr" (half-treble crochet) would be an "hdc" (half-double crochet).

Kathy said...

These mittens are lovely and will surely warm the hands of some lucky child.

Shirley said...

They look great to me!!

muchoyarn said...

Are we able to line our items? If so and if you are still worried, you could take some felt, or fleece or flannel and sew in a little lining to the finger part. Just a thought. I bet they are fine, though. Beautiful color.

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