Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michaels Yarn Sale

Michaels has Patton's classic merino wool for 3.99 a skein this week.
In case anyone needs to restock. :-)

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Elizabeth D said...

Does everyone know that you can sign up, on line, with most of the "big box" craft stores, and they'll email you the next week's sale flyer AND, usually, coupons? (I know this is true because I subscribe to all of them.) I appreciate your sharing the info, Shirley, but unless we're going to post every store's and every blog member's yarn sales (and that is definitely not an option), I think those who want to know what's on sale each week should subscribe to the individual chains' on-line notification systems instead. From now on, let's try to keep this blog focused on our actual knitting and crocheting and the current campaigns. Please -- if you are one of the friends who's routinely shared this info on this blog, don't think I'm criticizing you or picking on you! I know those posts have been made in a genuine spirit of sharing. We've just decided that it's important to keep the blog 100% noncommercial. I'm not saying you can't shop there! Afghans for Afghans has never made any rules about where you can shop -- fiber content, yes; source of yarn, no.


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